About Us

KUTUMB COMMUNICATIONS (KC) is an NGO established with the sole aim of enlightening, equipping and supporting urban families, so that they can better face the challenges of modern day living. We are specialists in building stronger relationships and families.
KC empowers organisations by equipping individuals to enrich their family life, thus creating a culture of healthy and nurturing relationships. Empowered employees with a great family life are more productive at work than employees who have strained personal relationships.

With the Indian family scenario is undergoing a metamorphosis in the area of marriage and family, nurturing a stable family is no longer an easy task. Many of our modern day stresses can be traced back to the imbalance between family and work.
Moreover, the influence that one’s family life and relationships have on work related productivity and job satisfaction cannot not be underestimated. The one institution that affects every other institution and is affected by them is the Family.
Strong Families – Strong Organizations

KC strives to bring about transformation in work and family life balance by increasing awareness, changing perspectives and affecting behaviour. This in turn results in empowered employees who are equipped to manage relationships within their families, leading to better efficiency at the workplace.

KC  works closely with corporations and businesses to bring about lasting changes across India, paving a way for stronger families that will in turn build stronger organisations and eventually a stronger nation.