Kutumb Communication is a unique organization which can shape the life of people in this fast paced world.
Bikash Chandra Naik, Bhubaneswar
The sessions were very practical and not just theory. It brought back our cherished memories. The necessity of spending quality time with each other rather than just with the children was a very important learning.
Subhas Budala, Bangalore
It was a good interactive session that enabled me to think about problems in my life from different perspectives. It was informative, interesting, educative and entertaining.
Bhavna Antriwale, Bangalore
The program was very informative and helpful for us, we are very fortunate to attend this program as we are a newly married couple and this is a new beginning for us.
Dr. Nandita, Pune
A very well thought out program aimed at the current scenario and definitely helpful in introspecting and connecting with your spouse
Narayan Mahapatra, Bhubaneshwar
Today after coming here I learned that there is so much that I have ignored but from now onwards I will try to work on all the feedback received
Gargi Sengupta, Bhubaneshwar